Lela  has been teaching vocal technique and improvisation since 2005. Her lessons and workshops are aimed to awaken students’ potential and motivate them to become their best selves while sharing their love for music and singing.

One on one with Lela

Study with Lela online via Skype or in person. Individual sessions are aimed to help singers overcome their blocks both vocally and mentally in pursuing their singing career to their fullest potential.

Scat Circle by Lela Kaplowitz

Dinamic workshop for overcoming fear of public performance through creating grooves and patterns of sound of own choice individually in a sequence while building on-the-spot compositions, then taking turns and soloing over it – exploring vocabulary and developing solo and group improvisation skills.


Jazz on wheels

A wonderful musical project intended to promote jazz music through hands-on workshops to children and youth with a live band in the classroom environment.


Workshop for singers who want to take their talents to the higher level. It includes vocal technique, improvisation, stage presence, microphone technique, working twith the band, studio recording, live performance etc.


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